Dollars granted annually
towards a worthy public art project.

Grant Program

Call for Public Art Collectors and Artists: ARTECH PUBLIC ART GRANT 2016

We are pleased to announce the annual ARTECH PUBLIC ART GRANT for 2016!  Artech has been an active participant in the local art community for 38 years providing tailored solutions and services for art collections throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Whenever possible, Artech supports the creation and preservation of public art.  As a way of saying thank you to the community, we offer our assistance for the care of Washington’s cultural treasures and support of contracted public art projects.

Artech offers a comprehensive range of collection services including: Collection Management, Installation, Transportation, Crating & Packing, Shipping, Art Maintenance, Storage, Framing, Mountmaking, Custom Displays, and Photography. Whether you require delicate handling of a single art piece or packaging and transportation of an entire traveling exhibition, our dedicated and experienced staff are uniquely qualified to provide the care and protection your art collection deserves.
Impetus for the program

Two core tenets of Artech’s mission are to promote art as a vital part of the region’s culture, and to treat the community we serve with respect and dignity. One way to promote public art is to help provide the services needed to initiate and maintain collections in the public arena.

Non-profit art institutions, public collections, and artists who are currently under contract for public commission in Washington State are encouraged to apply. Project must be approved and have all other funds in place prior to application. Artech employees, Board members, partners, and relatives are not eligible.

Scope of Work
Qualified projects may include, but are not limited to: art installation and maintenance, curatorial assistance, archival upgrades, collection moves, collection storage, framing, mountmaking, or photography. If you are uncertain if your project qualifies, please use contact information below. 

Budget/Grant amount
The ARTECH PUBLIC ART GRANT PROGRAM provides up to $2,500.00 of Artech services for a public art project. Grant to be used in full by December 31, 2016. Grant may be applied to Artech services and Artech in-house fabrication only. Not applicable for rental equipment or 3rd party fabrication. Grant may cover part or all of the project scope. Artist or organization is responsible for all costs beyond the $2,500.00 grant.

Application Deadline
March 23, 2016

Application Requirements
Via email only, submit the following items:
• Letter of interest
• Up to 5 Artwork images and/or detailed description of project
• Resume and/or organization mission statement
• Selection of ARTECH services of interest

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria will be based on a combination of the following criteria:
• Greatest financial need
• Artistic merit
• Visibility and access
• Best use of ARTECH services

Notification of Results
The organization or artist selected will be notified by March 31, 2016. Please do not call or email Artech to inquire about decisions. Applicants will receive notification of panel’s decision by email.

Contact info
Mike Hascall
Artech Inc V.P. and Founder

Photo Credit: Deborah Aschheim, "Threshold" installation for Suyama Space. Photographed by Mark Woods

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