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Artech’s newest service:  Custom mount fabrication for 3D objects

Artech’s newest service:  Custom mount fabrication for 3D objects

You see something new in your favorite artwork all the time. The moving daylight, a thoughtful hour, or a change of location provides aspects of a piece you haven’t discovered before. A three-dimensional piece offers even more vantage points for ever-changing contemplation. Such works often need a mount or other stabilization, but that doesn’t have to come between you and your view. Artech is excited to announce our newest service: custom mount fabrication for 3D objects. We can not only design but create just the setting to keep your pieces safe with the least interference possible.

Displaying a complex carving that has no straight edge, or a soft, voluminous textile, requires visualizing not only the object itself but the space it requires. Devices exist to make some installations simple: brass plate hangers, pedestals, and vitrines. However, the object may be so delicate or unusual that it demands custom-tailored engineering, or the display may need to blend well with specific surroundings and no prefabricated option will do.

This is where our lead fabricator Cody Thomaselli steps in. As an active sculptural artist who spent years as an industrial machinist, he delights not only in "some assembly required," but in the presence and attractive finish of the result. "The core of my work is that I enjoy problem solving," he says. "Especially problems without an obvious solution". As our custom mount maker he’s created solutions as individual as the works they support. Here’s one example: Recently, Artech was charged with creating an earthquake-proof mount for a small Pterodactyloid fossil. The client requested a versatile display solution for both a wall hanging option and a table top display. Cody designed an exquisite, easy to use, mild steel mount with a Japanese brown patina finish.

In fact, whether small and light, or heavy and imposing, most of the objects entrusted to our mount fabrication personnel require this alchemy of the creative, the complementary, and the structurally impeccable. Custom mount materials at Artech range from acrylic, epoxy resin, and wood to aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and brass. Stop into our Belltown frame shop to see the array of finishes and styles you can select. Our design team there will be glad to answer any questions and work with you as we engineer the perfect form and function. Your work deserves professional service that values art’s safety as well as its beauty – and that’s what we’re all about at Artech.

See slideshow and learn more about our display solutions services.

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