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Give Yourself a Time Saving Gift

Give Yourself a Time Saving Gift

As leaders in the art handling industry, Artech upholds the highest standards of service in the field. Whether we provide installation, shipping, crating, preventive care or ongoing maintenance of on-site artwork, we bring an existing knowledge base, experience and numerous resources to any project.

Now, we’re bringing our expertise online through our Collection Management tool. In addition to caring for your collection through regular maintenance, make sure your documentation is kept accurate, current, secure and consolidated with a digital database.

Although the process of properly documenting a collection is complex, we’ll make it effortless for you. Artech will spearhead the evaluation of your collection, including appraisals, condition reports and establishment of ownership for all artwork. We’ll also photograph each piece and integrate all documentation into one password-protected digital database, available to you anytime, from anywhere, with a click of your mouse.

We’ll maintain and update your database by keeping track of any new acquisitions, deaccessions or location changes of your artwork, whether you loan it to a museum or gallery, or choose to enjoy it at your vacation home. With Artech, you’ll know your documentation is complete, accurate and readily accessible for insurance, tax, legal or other purposes.

We use the leading collection management software to archive and track all of the public and personal collections we manage. This same software is used by major museums throughout the country including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty and The Smithsonian.

At Artech, our highest priority is the safety and preservation of the artwork and collections we manage. Give your Account Manager a call or send us an email to find out how we can simplify your life with our state-of-the-art Collection Management tool today.


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