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Display Solutions

Custom-built Products

Whether your need is to safely display 3-dimensional objects or to install a gallery wall, Artech is ready to assist galleries, museums or private and public collectors in making any vision a reality. We offer specialized expertise and custom-built products including hanging systems, mounts and pedestals. As specialists in displaying both simple and complex pieces we will ensure that exceptional care is taken and that the most effective techniques are employed to execute secure, awe-inspiring and well-protected installations.


The Artech Frame Shop is recognized by museums, conservators, and collectors for the quality and breadth of its custom design solutions regardless of scale, nature, or installation challenge. Adhering to a philosophy of elegance and simplicity, we guarantee an archival approach often with a handcrafted custom product.

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Pedestals & Mount Making

Our designers consider object, environment and archival (or reversible) approaches to solving display challenges — be they for 2D or 3D objects. Whether your artwork is a painting, a delicate object or a large sculpture, Artech has qualified designers who'll work closely with you in determining the appropriate strategies for displaying your items safely, beautifully and with minimal viewer distraction. Our mount making and pedestal technicians work with the highest quality materials — delivering well-engineered solutions that protect the object while on display in its unique environment.



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