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Emergency Response

Unparalleled Response

Artech collaborates with collectors, cleaning contractors, and insurance companies in the highly specialized field of art disaster-recovery — including fire damage, water damage and insect infestations. Disasters such as these are usually very sudden, and with rare and collectible artworks often ranking just below family and pets in the hierarchy of importance, emotions can run high. The need for a calm, responsive and experienced partner cannot be overestimated.

Damage Control & Conservation Work

Artech is able to quickly and efficiently stabilize and evaluate artworks to avoid further damage. Damaged collections are inventoried, photographed, packaged and transported to the Artech warehouse where a highly experienced team of art conservators will assess the collection — item by item — for damage and conservation strategies. The team will determine which pieces can be cleaned and repaired in-house, and which items may require additional conservation work. Artech will then submit quotes as part of a complete project summation and estimate.

High Level of Attention & Care

Accredited conservation work is extremely specialized and can take weeks to complete. For collectors who have just gone through a traumatic fire or flood, just knowing that a high level of attention and care will be given to restoring salvageable items in their collection can provide a great deal of relief — especially in trying circumstances.

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