Apply: Assistant Registrar

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The Assistant Registrar is responsible for assisting with the overall tracking, management, and care of all artwork stored at or transiting through Artech Facilities. This includes: commercial activities; collection documentation; managing the ongoing accuracy of the database containing over 7,000 artwork records.

As part of the Storage/ Collections Management team, the Collections Assistant, in coordination with the Registrar/ Collections Manager, will provide knowledge and guidance to clients as well as to other employees working on client projects. The Collections Assistant will assist the Registrar/ Collections Manager in collections service requests by conducting condition reports/ object documentations/ valuations/ collection surveys and facilitating appraisals and photography sessions.This role requires detailed knowledge of collections management and registration, copyright and art law, and collections management databases. Responsible for best practices relative to the artwork entrusted to our care

The Assistant Registrar has the Following Responsibilities:

  • Assist with maintenance of commercial activities in consultation with client

    ·         Storage contracts and accounts

    ·         Monitor legal and ethical compliance to contractual obligations and collection activities

    ·         Creating and delivering estimates

    ·         Invoicing and billing


    Track and record internal and external artwork records and movement including permanent, temporary and current location of all artworks, catalog, condition and conservation reports.

    ·         Track and organize artwork storage areas

    ·         Catalogue artworks

    ·         Document, through photography and digital imaging, artworks as requested by client

    ·         Assist conducting physical inventories at all locations

    ·         Maintain physical and digital artwork activity records including storage and movements between multiple facilities and locations


    Provide Registration services within client projects, documenting artwork information, condition, location, and movement

    ·         Assist with client presentations.

    ·         Support client  collection management databases

    ·         Assist project managers with collections job needs.


    Facilitate care and maintenance of artworks

    ·         Support artwork storage methods, assist in re-housing and artwork storage projects

    ·         Identify issues related to the condition of artworks and advise client on remediation

    ·         Facilitate third-party artwork conservation or framing as necessary


    Manage and mitigate risks to artworks in our care

    ·         Monitor and control the environment in all artwork storage facilities

    ·         Ensure implementation of security and emergency response plans to minimize risk of theft or damage

    ·         Ensure quality of care and handling of artwork during storage, packing, crating and shipping

    ·         Coordinate with Operations and Logistics staff to implement artwork care and maintenance standards


    Other Responsibilities:

    ·         Provide consulting services to clients, assist with the development of proposals relevant to areas of expertise

    ·         Continue improvement of artwork movement, receiving, shipping, care and maintenance

    ·         Provide project support to project managers, including support for project administration, documentation and coordination. Maintains accurate and complete project records.

    ·         Manage components of larger projects at the direction of a project manager.

    ·         Perform other project duties as assigned.

    ·         Supports logistics team by attending team meetings, maintaining team calendar and coordinating with scheduling, shipping and storage department.


    Required Skills:

    ·         2 or more years working experience in registrar or collections manager role preferred

    ·         Proficiency in collections management databases with Gallery Systems TMS and Crystal Reports preferred

    ·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)

    ·         Knowledge of museum storage, art handling and transportation best practices

    ·         Post-graduate degree in Museum Studies or similar program preferred



How to Apply:

If a key role in the fine art logistics and management industry interests you, please review the responsibilities and qualifications carefully. If you feel that you are the ideal candidate for this position, please email your resume and cover letter explaining your interest and experience to