Fine Art Maintenance

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Long-Term Care

Many collectors rely on Artech to manage on-going maintenance programs for their collections. These plans include regular inspection, light cleaning of 2D objects, cleaning of glass artworks and indoor / outdoor sculpture cleaning or re-finishing.


Preventative Maintenance

Protecting artwork from the environment and everyday exposure through regular maintenance programs is highly recommended to maintain the integrity of the artist intent. Artech’s qualified technicians are experts at caring for both outdoor and indoor pieces to prevent oxidation, corrosion, infestation, rot or other long-term environmental damage which could have a lasting impact on your artwork. Artech provides maintenance services for all mediums.


Conservation and Restoration

Conservation and restoration is the process of stabilizing an object and returning it — as far as possible to its original intent — with careful use of reversible materials. Artech provides a full range of conservation services through a network of qualified professionals and experts based on the given medium.

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